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Who We Are

Noble Lawn & Shrub Care is known for its meticulously crafted outdoor spaces that show off the best that nature has to offer.

Founded in 2004, Noble Lawn & Shrub Care is a family owned Lawn Care Company based in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  Owner Richard Noble created Noble Lawn & Shrub Care with the goal of bringing his expertise in Lawn and Shrub care to his customers. At Noble Lawn & Shrub Care, we strive to provide you with a beautiful lush, green lawn while offering the highest degree of service, quality and communication. We offer an extended menu of services, including Shrub Care as well as Tick Control.

Today, our dedicated team brings passion, skill, and experience into all of the projects that we do. With a variety of services available, clients have many options when it comes to their vision for their outdoor space. We believe in creating spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional, always putting customer satisfaction first.

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