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A local family business: large enough to get the job, small enough to care on a personal level.  Customer satisfaction is our only goal.

–Jim Davis

I am proud to say that we are starting our 12th year with Noble Lawn & Shrub Care.   Rich Noble and his colleagues are expert at what they do, and within the first several years, they transformed our two acre lawn and gardens into a picture-perfect oasis.   Not only does Rich take great pride in his work, but he custom-tailors his approach to the objectives of each homeowner and the unique issues of each property.   Also important is the fact that Noble Lawn and Shrub Care runs a first-rate office - calls are always returned promptly and questions and requests are thoroughly addressed.   Bottom line: the customer value proposition provided by Noble Lawn & Shrub Care is unmatched.  They are the best in the business.

–Thomas Heckel

If you are someone who takes pride in his lawn and has been frustrated by the failure of any lawn service or DIY attempts at improvement, then you are like I once was.  The Noble family changed my annual frustration into delight.  They have provided TLC to my lawn and property for over ten years now, and unlike so many services and products, this one has never faded away, never grown stale, never given me anything but joy, and this is one organization that keeps improving, year in and year out.  And my lawn and family are the happy beneficiaries of the Noble commitment to and constant pursuit of improvement, better service, better end results, and always fantastic communication.  I could go on and on, because in this day and age one just doesn't find businesses that consistently care, consistently improve, consistently strive for and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.  These guys are the best in their business.

–Peter and Susan Davis

Noble Lawn and Shrub Care has been taking care of our property for the past 15 years.  We started with a home that had no grass in April when we met with Rich Noble.  He told me that he would have grass in our back yard for our daughter’s graduation in June and we thought the impossible could not happen – but to our great surprise we had a beautiful lawn from that June on!

This is a truly professional group of people who know and care about what they are doing.  Their customer service is fantastic and they come when they say.  They even call ahead if you have animals in the household. Needless to say we highly recommend Noble Lawn an Shrub Care and value them greatly.

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